Mr. Joaquim

Mr. Joaquim was the gardener of the condominium that I lived when I was little.
An old and humble man. Very hard worker. Extremely calm.
He was born at Machado, Minas Gerais State, like my maternal grandmother.
It helped people beyond their work.
He built with his hands a ladder of boards to help my mother and wash second floor’ windows of our home.
When Mr. Joaquim would rang the bell to speak to Mom, he would not go in right way. Mom had to say: “come in, Mr. Joaquim, please, you may come in”. Then he would come in.
If she offered coffee, he would accept it, almost with shame.
He would sit quietly, then talk a little chit-chat and leave.
Mr. Joaquim limped from one leg and his footfall had a characteristic noise.
So, in the house, we were used to listen when he was out there, here and there, taking care of the plants.
He passed away at that time, I was still a child.
And my mother, who is psychic, for a long time still listened to the limp steps of mr. Joaquim on the sidewalks around the houses.
This old man had a way that was only his, with his own wisdom.
He had two sayings that he would always mention. That summed up almost everything we need to know about life, if we think about it.
Mr. Joaquim said:
“In rainy weather, any sign is of rain.”
And still:
“The way it ends, it ends.”
Nyoze, your Joaquim!